NewApeel® Petite


The Model DM2001A New Apeel Petite Console System includes the following components:
1 Model DM2001A Console
2 DiamondTome™ Wands:
1 DN75 DiamondTome™ Round Tip Fine
1 DC20-100 DiamondTome™ Round Tip Medium
2 T2000 Tube Sets with 50 Single Use Filter Discs and Brush
1 F4001 Combo HEPA filter
1 Endozime Plus Cleaning Solution
1 APB100 Aesthetic Client Brochures 50 pack
1 BB100 Brass Brush – Autoclavable
1 TWZ100 Tweezers
1 CD100 Information and Training CD
1 Hospital Grade Power Cord

NewApeel® Petite Console Warranty – 3 years
DiamondTome™ Wands Warranty – 2 years

The size of the unit is 11.5″ x 10″ x 6″. Its total weight is 19 lbs.

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Product Description

Altair Instruments has introduced a new microdermabrasion system called the NewApeel Petite Exfoliation System.

The NewApeel Petite offers an excellent new skin care system which allows its users to apply a whole new 21st century style of microdermabrasion technique. The NewApeel eliminates the need for any use of outdated powders and crystals, such as salt and aluminum oxide. By getting rid of these troublesome and unstable elements, the NewApeel Petite system makes microdermabrasion a clean, controlled, and completely safe procedure.

The NewApeel Petite Console works in the following manner:

  • The process of skin exfoliation occurs only when the included wand is drawn across your skin. This makes the unit completely accident free.
  • The NewApeel Petite Console includes absolutely no loose crystals or other abrasive materials which could possibly contaminate you or your environment.
  • Even when used at its highest settings, the NewApeel Petite works as an extremely gentle MicroExfoliation system. It is absolutely harm proof.
  • The NewApeel Petite Console allows its user to achieve safe, efficient skin rejuvenation without any danger due to loose particles or contaminants. The Console avoids burning, irritation, and adverse skin reactions.
  • Because of the uniformity of the diamond wand chip size and vacuum settings, the user is assured of the appropriate amount of skin exfoliation.


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