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Few pieces of equipment in the Aesthetic industry are as well known or as well respected as the Diamondtome Microdermabrasion system.

The Diamondtome name is synonymous with diamond tipped microdermabrasion, quality, power, and efficacy. There have been plenty of imitators over the years, but no one has come close to making a more durable, more effective, easy to use microdermabrasion system since the Diamondtome hit the market almost 20 years ago.

So what makes the Diamondtome so special when I can buy a micorderm for under $1000.00?

The Diamondtome is a medical grade professional microdermabrasion system. It is hand made in Ventura California by a company that also manufactures surgical equipment. It utilizes an extraordinarily powerful motor. The motor is so reliable, in fact, that we offer a warranty with every Pre-owned DiamondTome we sell.

Housing the powerful motor is a metal alloy frame that is heavily insulated to reduce unwanted noise in the treatment room.

The Diamondtome utilizes patented diamond encrusted wands that last years on end. Each wand is carefully crafted to give your client the most even and exact exfoliation required for their specific needs.

This is not a home use system. If you still believe in providing top quality treatments for your clients with an American made piece of equipment, don’t settle for a cheap import system that will give your client questionable results; the Diamondtome is your best option.

This Diamondtome business builder kit will come with the Diamondtome console, 6 wands of your choice (including a body wand) one hepa filter, two sets of tubing, advertising materials, cleaning supplies, lifetime customer support, and a 1-year warranty.

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Product Description

Here’s a short video of the system turning on and functioning:


Microdermabrasion has been around for the last 30 years. In the beginning, there were only crystal microderm systems. This style of microdermabrasion device circulates Aluminum Oxide crystals through a closed-loop vacuum system and “sandblasts” the top layer of dead skin off of the face. This was a revolution in the aesthetic industry, giving clients better tone, texture, and even a reduction in lines and wrinkles.

In the early 2000’s Altair Instruments, a surgery instrument company, recognized that the microdermabrasion device was one of the most effective pieces of equipment in the industry and was a staple in most aesthetic practices, but the crystal system was not without flaws. Crystal systems became notorious for clogging which would a loss of valuable clients while the machine was being repaired. Altair also recognized the consumable cost of the crystals added up to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the machine. They knew that they could create a better microderm that would give the end client an even better, more customizable microderm treatment and that they could save their customers significant money in the long run by creating a much more reliable and effective microdermabrasion device. The DiamondTome was born.

Instead of using crystals, the DiamondTome uses a series of different diamond encrusted wands that exfoliate the skin with direct contact. This creates a more even treatment. Many different levels of coarseness allows for a more customizable treatment. Diamondtome patented wands use actual tiny bits of diamonds adhered to stainless steel wands. Taken care of properly, these wands will last 5 to 10 years without needing to be replaced. This drastically lowers your long term cost of ownership when compared to a professional crystal microdermabrasion system. This also eliminates the possibility of having your system clog, leaving you with a book full of clients that need to be rescheduled while your machine is being serviced.

Since the invention of the Diamondtome there have been many companies that have tried to copy the Diamondtome patented diamond tipped wands; none have succeeded. Diamondtome has a proprietary way of producing their wands that make them last up to 10 times longer than competitors. Many companies have also tried importing copycat Diamondtome microdermabrasion devices from China; the products have been disappointing, to say the least.

The Diamdondtome is made right here in the USA in Ventura, California. The system is built by hand and uses a metal housing that holds a very powerful motor. The team that builds it uses heavy insulation so that, even though the treatment is one of the most powerful on the market, the sound isn’t a distraction for your business. The Diamondtome is also one of the very few microdermabrasion systems that use a high-end HEPA filter on the machine to ensure that you aren’t putting contaminants in the air that could potentially be harmful to you and your client.

Diamondtome Disc filter before and after

Disc filter after one treatment.

One of the simplest yet best features of the Diamondtome is that it also has a small round cotton disc filter that sits in the top of the HEPA filter and collects the dead skin cells. This allows you to show each customer just how much dead skin you were able to pull off with each treatment. The visual for your customer keeps them coming back again and again.

The Diamondtome is also the only choice if you are using any kind of laser or doing light based treatment after the microdermabrasion session. Crystal microdermabrasion devices can leave unwanted particles on the skin that can refract light and cause burns or other problems. The Diamondtome leaves no unwanted particles and is the preferred choice for physicians prior to any light based treatment. It’s now common practice to treat the laser treatment area with a microderm first in order to take off the top layer of skin, which is very jagged under a microscope and can prevent the laser light from traveling in a straight line into the skin. When this layer is removed there is less light refraction and less energy is needed to get an optimal result.

If you are looking to expand your aesthetic business by offering a top of the line treatment, the Diamondtome is for you. Recent market research shows us that the average treatment cost in the USA for microdermabrasion is $140.00 per treatment with a range from $75 to $320. With the Diamondtome being the best available and most well-known system on the market, you should be charging at the higher end of the range. This means that if you can manage just 1 treatment per day at 5 days per week you could be making more than $35,000 extra per year in revenue on top of what you are currently doing. At just 2 treatments per day, you can double that amount to $70,000 per year. The Diamondtome is also a great way to sell other services that you may offer at your practice, such as photo facials, oxygen facials, fractional resurfacing, chemical peels, LED treatments and much more.

The Diamondtome Microdermabrasion machine is one of the best ways to increase your revenue and profitability without spending a fortune in the process.


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